'Routine no.1, no.2 and no.3'. Unfired Clay, Grip Tape, Mirrors. 2014 

    A few images of my most recent body of work. ‘Routines’.

    There is a larger selection of photographs on my website -http://cpdean.wix.com/sculptor

  2. Sneak peek. ‘Routines’ <—I am installing this body of work on Tuesday.(ATL Sculpture Gallery). Really excited to see/feel the response from viewers! I shall be covering the gallery walls with an additional material also. I am having fun! Stressful and at times painful, but fun none the less!

  3. Notes, notes, notes, notes, …presentation preparation. 


  4. ‘Twice Over’ + ‘Top II’, Ceramic, Glazes 2010. 
    7 * 8 * 7.5 cm. 

    (Source: cpdean)

  5. Some work in progress. Next body of objects will be un-fired clay - fragility, history, and culture are key to the content. The making process for these pieces is also key - high speed, specific pattern, and energetic. It is my intention to break a sweat. This piece is just over 5 foot and took just over 2 hours (not consecutive ) to coil, I did sweat! I’ll get back to this piece, and begin making the next 6 pieces next week. 

  6. 24 Hour Project. 

    '15914281683: Object A, B, & C'. Wood, Foam, Fabric, Paint - Skin Matched at Home Depot'. 2014. 


    'Tops I+II Rocking', 2010. 

    A shorter video. Objects glazed.

  8. Found one of my recordings from my undergraduate days. Pleasure and pain were in abundance when I hand made around 50 objects! -not all seen here. 

    Definitely going to explore the realm of kinetic sculpture a little further! 

  9. I have now uploaded a collection of digital drawings to my website. 

    The app ‘Sketches’, is one of a few tools I use to explore ideas.  


  10. My most recent exhibition. Mixed media, based around Clay. 

    More pictures soon to be uploaded onto my website. Thanks!

  11. 'Rendered Redundant. Object A & B'. 2014. 

    Ceramic, Spray Paint, Wheels, Shrink Wrap.

    More images to follow! 


  12. My website contains a more concise catalogue of my artistic practice. Everything from the objects I make, to the photographic documentation I keep. Also, I am working on adding a page just for my drawings, this part of my practice is very significant and something I wish to share. 

    The CV section is great place to research some of the artists I have worked with. Enjoy!


  13. Entry Points

    Installation Space, Clay, Glazes, Paint. 2014

  14. cpdean:

    'Please Enjoy Alternative Destination'. Found Object, Velvet, Wood, Ribbon. 2014.

  15. cpdean:


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